Monday, January 26, 2015

Jammin' with Jamberry Nails!

In the blogging world, its all about connections, right?  

Well, I was thrilled when one of my hall-mates from college reached out to me to do a review of Jamberry.  She is a fantastic Jamberry Consultant, and I couldn't wait to test and review Jamberry Nail Wraps!

Special thanks to Frances Barna for sponsoring this review!

Frances sent me this totally fantastic nail set to review!  Everything we need to do our nails is included in this beautiful bag!  So, let's get to it!

To start, we clean off our nails with the alcohol prep pad.  This will help ensure that our nail wraps stay in place!

Next, select the nail wrap that best fits the cuticle line and width of the nail.  Before applying to the nail, make sure you warm up the nail wrap using your hair dryer - that particular shot was beyond my ability during this project! :-) 

Once its in place, press firmly on the nail wrap.

Then, trim the wrap to the length of the nail.

Using the cuticle stick, smooth out the nail wrap onto the nail.  This will help ensure that the nail wrap bonds with your entire nail.

Finally, file down the nail wrap along the nail's edge using a nail file.

Repeat these steps for each nail, and then, All Done!!

My favorite things about Jamberry!

1. They are really easy to apply!  Its nearly impossible to really mess these little babies up, which is fantastic!
2. No smell!  Hubby usually comments on the smell of the nail polish/ remover from the moment he walks in the door.

3. No mess!  I didn't have to worry about spilling nail polish or remover.  I didn't have to worry about smudging my new nail-do on something.

4. Easily Interruptible!  While I don't have kids, I can imagine that Jamberry is perfect for mothers.  I could stop after any particular nail and take care of whatever was going on at home without fear of the dangers of wet nails!

5. They're beautiful!  I love all of the designs!  They're versatile, beautiful, and low maintenance for a truly fantastic look!

6. They last a long time!  These nail wraps lasted me 7 days before I really needed to change them.  I didn't alter my cleaning, typing, dog walking routine, and they endured all of it without chipping!

7. One sheet stretches very far, see!

Verdict: Yippee!  Yay!

If you are interested in exploring Jamberry for yourself, I highly recommend working with Frances.  You can also connect with her on Facebook.  She's responsible, fun, and generally wonderful woman!

Right now, her site has a fantastic Buy 3, Get 1 Free Deal!

PLUS, for all of you subscription addicts out there, Jamberry now has a monthly Stylebox that I know you'll love!