Saturday, October 11, 2014

Nature Box October Unboxing and Review

Hubby fell in love with the Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels and the add-on mocha almond bars, so of course I reordered those.  But then I decided to experiment with a few new items: Roasted Kettle Kernels, South Pacific Plantains, Country Ranch Sunflower Kernels, and Dutch Cocoa Sun-Crunch.

Opened up the bags this morning, and the verdicts are in:

Roasted Kettle Kernels are extremely crunchy with a hint of honey.  Perfect for those days I'm trapped at my desk studying, craving something sweet and need something healthy to munch on.  Hubby is unimpressed and is leaving the entire bag for me.  YAY!

South Pacific Plantains have a lovely crunch and a hint of sea salt.  The plantain flavor is faint, but nice.  As hubby said, "They're nothing to write home about."  I'll probably leave these for his midnight snacks.  They're not our favorite (and there are plenty of other amazing snacks on NatureBox), so I won't be reordering these.

Country Ranch Sunflower Kernels are my second favorite item in my box this month.  They have just a hint of ranch, but it doesn't overpower the nutty flavor of the sunflower kernels.  They're already shelled, so these will make a wonderful study snack.

Dutch Cocoa Sun-Crunch = meh.  I can certainly taste the cocoa.  The grains in the chocolate crackers add an enjoyable texture, but next month I'll be going back to Dark Chocolate Nom-Noms.

Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels have an amazing cheddar cheese flavor that is accented with notes of beer.  Yes, beer.  These are rich carb snacks.  Hubby LOVES these, and I'm okay with that.

Mocha Almond Bar is Hubby's other favorite from NatureBox.  I've ordered two for him the last couple of months.  At $1/each, they're a little pricey compared to other granola bars I get for him, but they're definitely worth the splurge!

If you're interested in trying NatureBox, enter code TD3C-RL3 at checkout to save $10!

That's 50% off your first box!

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