Thursday, October 9, 2014

Waking up Girlie

So, one day this past summer, I woke up and felt girlie.  I mean, paint my finger nails pink and yellow, buy new lipgloss, and never leave the apartment without mascara, girlie.  I seriously thought I was losing my mind.

It started when I got a box of nail polish from for $2.99, a bunch of good smelling freebies from online sites, and noticed that nearly all of my close friends are guys.  I suddenly became very aware of the fact that I am NOT a boy.

In the midst of thinking I really had lost all of my sanity points I've been building up, I had this odd childhood memory.  So, naturally, I went rooting around in all the photo albums I could find stashed in my apartment.  I found this old picture of me in a photo album I almost forgot I still had (I am still surprised it wasn't lost in the infamous 2006 Marietta Apt Fire).

There I am in a frilly purple dress with puffed sleeves outlined with lace.  My hair is in pigtails and the random pink crayon shaped barrette and parted, slightly sticky bangs reminds me of a certain amount of exuberance I had as a child even in the south GA heat.  I'm sure that if the picture were zoomed out there would be perfect little patent leather shoes with frilly socks completing this little ensemble.  My hands appear to be held in prayer, near my mouth.  AND this, my friends, is where the typical cute girl ends.  Closer inspection of those little girlie hands reveals a dark, shiny (meaning slimy) object -- a bullfrog tadpole.  The reason my hands are so close to my mouth?  Yep.  I'm giving it a kiss.  Not to turn it into a prince, mind you.  Simply because bullfrog tadpoles are the most amazing of all tadpoles.  Watching them turn into frogs is astonishing, and there's no guesswork involved when those legs start sprouting!

Remembering myself as an audaciously girlie, girly, girl who fully participated in P.E., loved catching tadpoles in my dress, and embraced the consequences of learning to bike ride in my beloved skirts, brought me into a new sense of being centered.  Rediscovering this part of myself, loving my body, taking care of my skin, and finding ways to be happy with the face I see in the mirror is one way I'm acknowledging that I am important.  So, here I am, "keeping up with the boys" in CA.  And I just need a little reminder of my femininity, a means to spend a little bit of time pampering myself.  I've stocked up on my nail polish thanks to Julep.  I've joined Birchbox to more affordably support my obsession with good smelling, lovely products that embrace this re-emerging girlie-girl.  But don't let this pretty face fool you!  I'll get down and dirty, run through the fields, and play with the dog even while looking fantastic!

Interested in Birchbox?  I'll be posting reviews soon.  Interested in trying it out? (If you want to save $ on trying out birchbox, see the current rebate on ibotta!) Here's my referral link for Birchbox: