Saturday, December 20, 2014

Let's Play a Game! "This or That!"

So, I got tagged to play this lovely little game called, "this or that?" by the beautiful and knowledgeable, Sammi.  So, my challenge is to answer all questions Sammi gave me and add one of my own

1. Cheeks: Bronzer or Blush?
With these rosy cheeks I rarely wear either.  I tend to wear bronzer in the summertime and blush in fall/winter/spring.

2. Eyes: Mascara or Eyeliner? 

  Definitely Mascara!  I love my eyeliners, but without mascara, my eyelashes are invisible!

3. Lips: Lipstick or Lipgloss?

  I hate having to choose just one!  I'll cheat and say L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipsticks!  They're both! :-)

4.  Eyeshadow: Neutrals or Colors?

  Based simply on number of palettes I own, I'm gonna have to go with color!  Neutrals are fun, especially with a dramatic cat eye, but I love my purples, pinks, and blues!

5.  Makeup Application: Sponges or Brushes?

  BRUSHES!!  (Although Hubby is getting me a Beauty Blender for Christmas - no he doesn't understand what it is, just that I really want it!)

6.  Makeup: Foundation or Concealer? 


7. Body Moisturizer: Body Lotion or Body Butter?

Body Butter is my go-to for my feet, hands and legs before I crawl into bed every night!

8.  Getting Clean: Bar Soap or Body Wash?

 I was a body wash only kinda girl until I tried out Burt's Bees body bar!  But bar soap is only for bath-time!

9.  Smelling Good: Body Splash or Perfume?

I've been a broke graduate student for almost eight years now, so I have tons of body splash.  But I've always preferred perfume.  Thankfully, ScentBird has helped me fall in love with new scents affordably!  

10. Nail Polish: China Glaze or Opi?

I own one bottle of Opi, which is in "I'm not Really a Waitress."  Wore it for my Senior Prom in 2001.  But at my heart, I'm a fan of Julep.  I'm not a maven anymore, but I'm looking forward to resub-ing when I can!

11. Nail Length: Long or Short?

I prefer short.  My nail polish lasts longer, and my nails don't make that annoying sound on my keyboard!

12. Nail Color: Brights, Darks, or Neutrals?

  I have recently fallen in love with more muted tones in polish such as these three from Julep, which are my current favs.

13. Nail Type: Acrylic or Natural?


14.  Strutting your Stuff: Stilettos or Boots?

  This is the one pair of each that I own.  Haven't worn the stilettos since my wedding.  So, I'm gonna go with BOOTS!  (Besides, I got these beautiful boots at a steep discount when I still lived in Chicagoland!)

15.  Patterns: Stripes or Checkers?

  Um, stripes.   Definitely, stripes

16. Your go-to for putting up your hair: Bun or Ponytail?

 While I love wearing my hair in a bun, hair ties have helped me fall in love all over again with the ponytail!

17.  Cover Your Legs: Sweats or Jeans?

 Jeans.  Unless I'm just rolling out of bed to walk the dog on a Saturday morning.

18.  Looking Lovely:  Skirts or Dresses?

  Skirts!  I have two skirts with which I can make up to 9 different outfits for different occasions!  I just don't have the same luck with dresses.

19.  Remove that unwanted Hair: Waxing or Shaving?

  I have had really bad experiences with waxers wanting to put aloe vera on my freshly waxed skin, which leads to a red puffy mess in about .0001 seconds.  So, I stick with shaving!

20. Kicking it Summer Time: Flip Flops or Sandals?

  I love my sandals.  High heels, flats, even Birkenstocks and Chacos.  But my feet really don't like flip flops.

21.  Hold that Hair: Gel or Spray?

  I don't even own hair gel!  Mousse - check!  No hair gel. With three bottles of hair spray, spray is definitely my go-to.  And this bottle of Mizani my mom left at my apartment is FANTASTIC!

22.  Best Hair Day: Curly or Straight?

Curly and wavy is fun, but soft and straight is my go-to look.

23.  Lovely Locks: Long or Short?

I've had both.  I prefer it "just right."  As in, where it currently sits, which is kinda in between long and short (for me).

24. Favorite Locks: Light or Dark?
Natural.  I'm embracing the fact that my blonde has gone dark.  

25. Weather: Rain or Sunshine?

I love listening to the rain.  Its magical.  

26.  Season: Summer or Winter? 

    Call me crazy, but I miss winters in Chicagoland.  I miss the insane cold, the snow flurries, and even the ice on the sidewalk.  Summer is lovely, but winter is magical!
27.  Season: Autumn or Spring?

In CA, springtime is definitely much more exciting than autumn.  So, for now, springtime wins. 

28.  Flavor: Chocolate or Vanilla?
This is a hard one.  Truly good vanilla trumps most chocolates any day of the week, especially when ice cream is involved.  However, mediocre chocolate is better than mediocre vanilla always.

29. From Laughing Scholar: Cake or Pie?

I love cake, but hubby loves pie.  So we tend to have a little of everything baking around the holidays!

If you're one of my readers, pick one question to answer and share it in the comments below!  If you're a fellow blogger, I challenge you to complete this "This or That" activity on your own blog! :-)