Friday, November 28, 2014

BarkBox Unboxing and Review

One of my dearest friends ordered my sweet puppy a BarkBox!  And I am so excited to share this experience with you!

When I received notice of my gift, BarkBox gathered all kinds of questions about my pup; his size/ weight, allergies, age, etc.  And they catered his box to him!

It opens with lovely information cards about BarkBox's Bark Shop as well as the products inside.  I was determined to photograph all the goodies before puppy (aka Barley) dug into it.  He is quite obsessed with opening boxes, a trick he learned from receiving Christmas presents from our parents for several years now . . . ah the joys of not having children! ;-)

SO MANY GOODIES!!  I'll break them down by food and nonfood items.

BarkMade BarkBox Flexi Dog Bowl ($6) and PetProjekt Football Tretball ($9) are both great products for my Barley-boy.  He's getting a little older and needs more water on long walks, so this flexi-bowl will be great for that.  Its very light weight, bendable, and easy to throw in our long-walk doggy pack.  The Tretbal kept Barley engaged for a while tonight; he loves treat puzzles.  This flexible ball requires a bit of work to get treats to fall out.  We still have some work to do to figure out the treats that will work best with this toy.

I am thrilled that all of the treats in this box are grain-free!  BarkBox takes doggy allergies seriously, and I am so thankful.  (Grains turn Barley into a sad, itchy mess.)  Barley definitely nosed for the treats immediately upon getting into the box.  His first note of interest were the No Grainers BBQ Chicken Jerky Chews ($13).  These can be easily broken into a smaller pieces, which is helpful for portion control.  I can't wait for him to try the Yeti Corporation Yak Chew ($11).  This is made from Yak and Cow milk, and is supposed to be a very healthy alternative to rawhide.  I think he'll also love the Etta Says Duck Chew (3), which should promote healthy teeth and gums.

As a dog-owner who received this as a gift, I highly recommend BarkBox as gifts from dog-owners to their pets or from you to a dog-lover you know!  For more information, you can check out BarkBox's website, here (not a referral link).

How do you feel about presents for our furry-friends?  What is your pet's favorite treat?  When do you splurge on them?  I'd love to hear your stories!