Sunday, November 23, 2014

Latest Obsessions (Eyes)

While I am definitely crushing on Benefit's They're Real Beyond Mascara and Push-Up Liner, I've already written about those products here.  So, this post is going to be about my favorite eye palettes, non-Benefit eye liners, and how I tame my full brows.

I want to start with what might seem like the least exciting product, the clear mascara.  E.l.f. has a fantastic clear mascara that has a brush specifically designed for taming your eyebrows! With trends moving toward fuller brows, this inexpensive addition to my makeup kit packs quite a punch.  Its easy to use, the brush is fantastic, and this is perfect for my full brows.   It doesn't flake off in chunks like other clear mascaras have done to me in the past.  Definitely one to try out!

Of course great brows are meant to help frame your eyes, right?  Since they're the star of the show, I want to talk about the eyeshadow palettes that currently have my attention.  First, the  Coastal Scents Reveal 2 Palette.

Before now, I was never a huge fan of large color palettes.  I'd only experienced large eyeshadow palettes as cheap, lacking pigment, and dried out.  Coastal Scents has definitely made me reconsider my prejudice.  This product is soft to the touch, highly pigmented, and totally buildable.  These colors are great for my green/blue eyes and fair skin.  Plus, the palette offers a range of options that take my look from day to night quickly and easily!

Next, is my beloved The Glass Beach by Bare Minerals.  

I was first introduced to this palette in April, and I was thrilled when I finally scored this item with my special discount shopping day on Bare Minerals.  I know, I have green eyes that can sometimes look blue - blue eyes get drowned by blue eye shadow, right?  Not with the grey-blue color in this palette!  I love that Bare Minerals always includes suggestions for wearing their products!
The third and final palette that I've been flirting with this season is Julep's Sweep Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral paired with Julep's eyeshadow brush.

For me, two of the most important characteristics of eyeshadows are soft texture and high pigmentation.  Julep definitely delivers. Their neutrals offer a range of colors that compliment many skin tones.  I know they have created at least one additional palette, and that one looks great, too!  

Finally rounding of the look is a great eye-liner.  When I'm not using my favorite black eyeliner, I'll probably reach for one of these two.  The first is Bare Minerals Round the Clock 4pm in Eggplant.  The second is Physician's Formula eyeliner in brown.

Both of these eyeliners have their pluses and minuses.  I love the rich plum color of 4pm, but the tip wears down very quickly.  I feel like I've used more of this product in the sharpener than on my eyes!  Physician's Formula isn't quite as pigmented, but its softer and easier to apply.  Plus, you only sharpen the product; there's no pencil casing.  This one has a built in sharpener that works really well!

So, those are my bffs in my eye makeup collection!  What are your favs?