Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lip Monthly October Unboxing and Review

Wow!  Okay, this is some serious improvement over last month!  Good job, Lip Monthly!

New Bag!
They still have their name on the outside of the bag, but at least its not tacky like last month's bag (see previous post).  It also feels like its made from higher quality materials.

Starlooks Lip Sugar:
I was super excited to try this product, since I exfoliate my lips pretty regularly.  So, I was very disappointed to find that it is totally dried out! :-(  Not a great start to this bag, Lip Monthly.  Not a great start.  I'll be employing my google-foo skills to track down a way to revitalize this one, but I'm a little frustrated.  The container is adorable, but the faded, and peeling sticker is another penalty point in my book.

Noyah Cherry Lip Balm:
This item gets additional points for not only being natural, but kosher; serious cool points.  I already have too many lip balms open right now; I'm leaving this one sealed to make sure that it lasts until I'm ready to use it.  The box also includes a product card and discount code for your first purchase directly from noyah, which is pretty cool!

Devine Lip Balm:
Apparently this company uses benefits from wine, such as reveratol, to take care of your lips.  This color is pinot noir, and looks like a great wine color, which is on trend this fall.  Again, I'm the crazy-lip balm lady right now.  So this one is going to wait its turn before I open it.

J. Cat Beauty Fantabulous Lipstick:
I received shade nude.  I know I have too many lip balms, glosses and lipsticks open right now, but I could not resist trying this one out right away!  At first I was bit skeptical, but this blends out for the perfect nude lip, even for me! (I usually end up looking like a ghost with the nude lip-look).  It feels very smooth, and I highly recommend trying it out.

L.A. Girl Eyeliner
I received the color Navy, which I can't wait to try.  Again with the too-many-products-open-already conundrum.  But this will be a nice addition in a few months when its still chilly and grey in the Bay Area!

Overall Assessment:
For $10/ month, Lip Monthly is a good deal if you are totally obsessed with lip products.  If you're a high volume user or an avid purchaser of the newest trends for lips , this is an inexpensive way to keep the new products in your beauty drawer, try new items, and experiment with new trends.  This isn't quite me, but I've been happy with the two months of sub that I have had with them.  Plus, their customer service department is very responsive.