Monday, November 3, 2014

Lip Monthly September Unboxing and Review

By now I think we all know that I'm a sucker for a deal on a sub box!  Lip Monthly was running a half-price on your first bag deal last month, so you know I had to try this one out!

So, I ordered Lip Monthly's September bag on the cheap trial price; I kept waiting for the item to ship before canceling my sub.  Well, apparently with this sub, you end up paying for your 2nd month before your 1st month arrives.  So, that's already points off right there in my mind.

This is the lip monthly bag and items I received for September.  I was surprised at the number of non-lip products in this bag, given that its called Lip Monthly.  But let's give it a whirl:

The Bag:
Woof!  So, its a cosmetics bag, but I feel rather awkward with the company's logo printed all over it.  Advertising is important, but so is making a pleasing bag that considers clientele's aesthetic.  I'm using it for my overwhelming number of already-opened lip products, and it hides in my bathroom cabinet.  Blame my mother for this - its nearly impossible for me to throw out a bag, much to Hubby's chagrin.  Enough said.

Cherimoya Lip Crayon:
I received this in coral.  I swatched it, and it looks great on my skin!  Its a lovely color! I put it on and it totally washes me out.  I think that I'll be using this for a nude lip later this fall.  I wish I had realized what this would look like on; I might have put it up for a give-away or swapped it.

Julie Nail Polish:
I pretty orangey-coral color that would have been perfect for this past summer.  I was a little disappointed that the color was not closer to on trend for fall, but it'll be very nice once spring rolls around.

Pur~lisse Sunscreen:
No joke.  This is not even a moisturizer with SPF.  Its sunscreen, and it smells strong!  It feels okay going on, but I won't be wearing this unless I'm a camp counselor in the summertime again.  Not my cup of tea.

Eco Lips:
I'm swimming in lip balm since my darling mother is an avid Burt's Bees addict.  The scent is an odd vanilla hemp.  hmm.  I don't even know if I'll bother using this product or not.  Living in CA, I'm a little over this hemp craze.

Cherimoya Eye Liner:
I received Latte #24 and promptly gave to a friend.  The color appears like nothing on my skin, and I have light skin.  It does have a smooth texture and built in sharpener, which is a plus for me.

Overall Assessment:
An overly strong-smelling sample of facial sunscreen from a company that I feel overprices its items, plus a tacky bag, and not-up-front shipping/ charging schedules equals a not-impressed graduate student on a budget.  But since I'm already charged for October, let's see what the next bag looks like!

+Lip Monthly