Monday, November 3, 2014

Why the name Laughing Scholar?

I have a very distinct laugh.  No.  Really.  I have one of those laughs that carries beyond walls and doors into the world beyond.  I have a laugh that people recognize in large conference halls; they usually come find me during a break to say, "Hi!  I knew you were here.  I heard you laugh!"  One recent friend explained that before she met me, my fellow doctoral students asked if she knew who I was, describing me as the doctoral student with "the mythic laugh."

A perfectly timed photo capturing my laughter at a friend's wedding.

The name stuck and became the inspiration for my name on Pinterest.  My own self-understanding in the social media nexus continued to grow when I decided upon "Laughing Scholar" for my Tumblr title.  I needed an outlet for the ridiculousness that is being a doctoral student, navigating a doctoral program, and living the doctoral student life.  And, I needed to be able to laugh about it all.

Compartmentalizing my life has never created happiness and joy for me.  So, as my interests beyond biblical studies grows, and I find new hobbies, such as blogging about beauty products, my musings on life, etc., I feel its important to stay grounded in a single identity, at least for now.

So, this blog is a catch-all.  My ramblings about the thoughts in my head will show up from time to time.  I am currently enjoying interacting with other subscription box reviewers on Instagram, FB, and Twitter, so those posts will be appearing when I can afford it! :-)  I remember one of my professors in my masters program explain that many professors' style of dress is stuck in whatever decade they finished their dissertation.  This scared me senseless as I looked at her clearly 1980s style dress that captured the color palette of the 1970s with horrid accuracy.  I swore that this would not happen to me.  So, eventually, I'll start researching this notion of "fashion" and post reflections here.

As you read my blog, please keep in mind that I'm a graduate student.  I do work, but my home relies mostly on my husband's income.  So, this blog will also demonstrate a concern for high value, low cost, and access to those opportunities.  

Finally, I love conversation.  I really want to hear your thoughts about what I've shared.  If any of my posts relate to yours, please post links in comments.  I hope that this can become a place where ideas flow and everyone feels comfortable putting in his/ her 2 cents! :-)