Monday, December 1, 2014

Jubees Unboxing and Review

I heard great things about Jubees' Subscription Box a little while back.  This company is just now entering into its second year of operation!  Jubees is a monthly stud earring subscription box.  They offer three different plans: 4 pairs of earrings recurring monthly, a single month of 4 pairs of earrings, and 1 pair of earrings recurring monthly.

 So, when they finally ran a subscription box deal, I had to try them out for myself!  Right now, they're offering their plans on discount (4 pairs for $10 instead of $14!).  I had a little confusion when signing, and I must say, their customer service is quick, helpful, and polite.

My earrings arrived in a lovely sturdy little box.

The product card sat on the very top.  The other side announces the month and how to enter a contest to win a free pair of earrings!

I love the little linen bags that hold the earrings.  This might be a little weird, but I love the paper filler in this box!  Its so soft!  Its also a wonderful shade of lilac!  (I would totally peel the Jubees sticker off the front of this box and reuse it for a gift!)

The earrings are actually wrapped in plastic, but I took them out for the sake of the picture.  I love the variety of these earrings.  There's something for every occasion; work, daily wear, date night, and that day I feel extra girly!  They even have cute names (Clarabelle, Clover, Eve, and Sophie), and belong to the Royal Collection!  I love these little touches!

While the quality of the earrings material isn't top-notch, its also not the lowest quality I've seen.  These are great pieces to keep your looks on trend, and their cost won't make your heart break when its time to retire them.  When you consider $10/ 4 pairs of earrings = $2.50/pair, this a fantastic deal!  This is a great idea for the earring enthusiast in your life (even if that person happens to be you)!

I was so pleasantly surprised by my Jubees earrings . . . until I turned them over.  Oh, these little plastic backings make me so sad.  I'm really nervous about trusting these little bits of rubber to keep my cute, new earrings on my fat little ear lobes.  After wearing a pair all day, running errands, doing lots of cooking, and walking the dog, I've had to reconsider my initial impression of these backings.  My Rose Pink Clarabelles stayed put through a 12 hour day of errands, dog walking, cooking, and hanging out!

Loving these little flower stud earrings called Rose Pink Clarabelle!  

Overall, I'm quite pleased with Jubees so far.  Their customer service is very good.  Their products are solid, and they take time to consider the details in naming their earrings, packing and presenting their products.  I'd definitely keep your eyes on this subscription box, ladies!


Do you subscribe to Jubees?  What do you think of their products either through your own experience or through this review?  Do you know of other earring subscription boxes?  I'd love to hear from you!