Monday, January 19, 2015

January's Moustache!

No, I'm not growing a moustache!  I'm talking about the most amazing Coffee Subscription Box on the planet, Moustache Coffee Club!

Each month I get a box of the most amazing single origin roasted coffee beans I could imagine!

This month's bag was roasted by the Lord Windsor Roasters.  The beans were roasted on 12/23, and I received them on 12/27!  Wow! 

These magnificent little gems originated in the Kivu, Rutsiro District in Rwanda, and were produced by Kigeyo Washing Station.  They grew at 1800-2000 meters. They are Bourbon varietals and were processed by washing.  (I have very little idea what any of this means, but I'll learn eventually!)

What most interests me is that Moustache Coffee Club always includes the tasting notes for each bag of coffee they send to customers.  The tasting notes of this month's bag were: Caramel, Sweet Raisin, Sparkling Acidity.

Aka: Amazing!

The best smell ever!  Freshly roasted coffee!

I love the varieties of coffee I receive from Moustache Coffee Club.  They offer a number of subscription options as well as a free 1 oz. sample of their amazing product!  You can order your coffee beans whole or ground.  (I get whole, because I love my French Press!)

For more information or to subscribe, I'd love it if you used my referral link