Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rocksbox Unboxing!

I've been wanting to try Rocksbox, so when I scored a code for a free month, I couldn't wait to cash in and make an unboxing video!  I think that Rocksbox is a fantastic concept for a subscription box!  I love the idea of trying out different jewelry collections with the option to buy with a 20% discount.

The jewelry is very nice quality, and arrives attractively packaged.  I received one ring, one necklace, and one pair of earrings, which is perfect given my answers on the style quiz.


I will also admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the free necklace included in my first box; its so sweet!

I'll admit that if I had the $46, I'd totally splurge on the amazing geometric ring!  The other two pieces are nice, but I wouldn't go for buying them at Rockbox's prices.

Overall, if you want to experiment with some different types of jewelry before investing in new looks - whether its through Rocksbox or elsewhere, I think that Rocksbox is a totally fun way to do exactly that.

However, for $19/month, I think I'd rather just buy myself a new piece of jewelry for my collection! :-)

Verdict: Meh, but a happy Meh!