Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Today's Reason to Smile: A Storage Solution!

Since I started blogging and reviewing products, my apartment began overflowing with all kinds of glass bottles of serums, plastic bottles of moisturizers, bags of sea salts, and other goodies.

Hubby and I live in a one-bedroom apartment.  In order to make this small space work, we have a rule: "Something comes in, something else goes out."  Well, you know I had to side-step that rule.  So, I needed a storage solution!

I found this great retro-style, turquoise rolling cart at Ikea for the perfect price!

I have totally fallen in love with this cart.  The shelves have high enough sides to keep everything in place!  I can roll this little baby from the bathroom to my desk in the living room for videos and back.  It holds everything - makeup, skin care, bath stuff, nail stuff, etc.  

So, Today's Reason to Smile is a beautiful, useful, and frugal Retro Turquoise Cart!