Sunday, March 1, 2015

The ALL NEW Tom Box and Lessons in Presentation!

Early in February I got an email from TomBox.  The subject line read, "We Know We Sucked."  Now, let's remember that TomBox & SwaagBox are basically the same company.

"Wow!" I thought to myself, "At least they're willing at admit it and try to improve.  Let's find a coupon and give them a second chance. Besides, this would be a good follow-up on the blog!"

 My Unboxing!

Products in my February TomBox (Double Makeup & Jewelry):

- Cailyn Mineral Eyeshadow Powder ($12.00)

- Cargo Liquid Eyeliner ($20.00)

- Silver Bangle (unknown, est $5.00)

- Skin&Co. Roma Sicilian Body Lotion ($10.00)

- Cool Way Boost Repair Mask ($3.75)

- Gold Bangle (unknown, est. $5.00)

- U Kotex Tampons 18ct. ($4.00)

Total Value = $59.75

Amount Paid (with $10 coupon) = $12.00

My eye makeup using items from this TomBox.

My Thoughts about TomBox:

When I first started subscribing to monthly boxes, I really wasn't sure why everyone cared so much about presentation, but now I get it.

This month's box from TomBox is the best illustration of why companies need to think very seriously about how they present their monthly subscription boxes.  Appearances and first impressions are everything.  

After a little bit of research, I know that the items in this box are a really good value. 

BUT, when I first opened the box, I had no way to know that right away!  Plus, everything arrived in an ugly, cheap, brown cardboard box without tissue paper and without a product card.  The items themselves appeared to be haphazardly tossed into the box.  As a customer, I'm not going to treat your product as valuable if the company doesn't bother to present it as valuable.

PLUS, my fragrance sample that was promised in the email promotion I received was missing.  When I contacted customer service, they explained that was last month's promotion.  Then, why did I receive this promotional email on February 3rd?  They did offer to send the sample to me if I really wanted it, but only after making the previous point.  Passive Aggressive much? 

My fragrance sample arrived this week.  I'd suggest its value at $3, but I had to work for it.  It didn't actually arrive with the box, and I had to deal with a passive aggressive email that never apologized for the mistake!

If this month's TomBox had been presented differently, and customer service had treated my missing fragrance sample situation differently, I would be very happy to pay $22 for it!  But as it is, I was barely happy that I paid the discounted price (thanks to a coupon on of $12.00.

Verdict: NOPE!

Follow-up: This is the message TomBoxes left on my Facebook post:

Tombox Thanks for the feedback. We are introducing inner packaging within the next 30 days. Regarding the perfume sample it was available to customers who reactivated their accounts. You created a new account which is why it wasn't shipped with your original box.

I am so glad that they are introducing inner packaging!  Seriously, this wasn't a bad box!  It was just poorly presented.  However, their customer service still needs a little spit-polish-and-shine as we would say back home. Apparently, the email I initially received contained incorrect information.  And even now, I'm really confused about how I didn't reactivate my account since I signed into the same account I had before to order this box.  Ugh.  Oh well.  They are still more interested in insisting that they are right about a tiny fragrance sample than trying to repair a relationship with a potential customer.  This is beyond disappointing.  I hope that others are having a better experience with them than I am!  For now, I'm done.

What are your thoughts on Tomboxes' attempt to relaunch?  I'd love to hear your opinions!