Saturday, March 7, 2015

Suzanne Saturday: Afternoon Grumps

I really, really hate mid-afternoon. It is seriously the worst possible time of day no matter what day it is.

Between 2-4pm its as though the productivity of the entire day is ultimately determined. If I have not accomplished anything meaningful by about 3pm, why bother? Its around this time of day that my anxiety spikes, all my doctoral-student-induced fears come out to play, and I seriously debate going back to bed and trying again tomorrow.

I swear my body knows that the big hand is nearing 2pm every day, because I can feel all the reasons to care slowly slipping away.  I try very hard to hard on to the cares, but my reality is kind of like this:

Yes, this is an actual, honest-to-God cross-stitch that an amazing friend made for me for Christmas this year.  One day it will hang very discretely on the back of my office door . . . even if that office is at home! :-) Doesn't it sound like it belongs in Ecclesiastes or Proverbs?

So, what's a sad, pathetic, apathetic graduate student to do in this horrid nexus of the mid-afternoon?

(of course)

If Marx said to let the masses have opiates and alcohol, because their lives are so miserable anyway (that was Marx, right? Or was that the author of Ecclesiastes?) Well, either way, some very jaded individual said that.

Well, I say to let the graduate students have their fill of coffee! For surely when we run low on motivation and f*cks, what else will help alleviate our symptoms of apathy and pathetic whining?

Cheers to all of you on this beautiful, sunny, perfectly annoying Saturday afternoon!

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