Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Frugal Things!

Specifically, free stuff sites.  Now, if you've spent any time combing the internet you know that most "freebie" sites are filled with scams, data phishing, and frustrating surveys that take forever to fill out only to produce a page of crappy free items that you could have requested directly from the manufacturer's website if you had only known they were there!

During my breaks from comprehensive exam preparation this summer, also known as productive-procrastination, I found several sites that I absolutely love.  The sites themselves don't require surveys, creepy personal information, or accepting deals from other sites; although I've found some links they put up from time to time do take me to one of those sites (but only rarely).

Here's a collection of the freebies I've scored over the past 2-3 months.  I have a few favorite freebie sites for finding these deals.  These are the links I skim through while sipping coffee and cursing being awake in the morning:

Target Free Samples - While Target doesn't run samples very often, they go fast, and are pretty good

USA Todays Freebie Site - This site regularly posts really awesome freebies; new links everyday.  They also mark when freebies have expired, which is super helpful!

All You Free Samples - This site usually posts a few free samples each day, but the timing of their posts is irregular.  Not my favorite, but sometimes they have real gems!

Get It Free - This site sometimes has freebies that no one else posts, and has an internal control for maintaining only up-to-date freebie offers.

I hope you have fun looking through these sites! Be on the look out for a second installment of my favorite things!

Please share your favorite freebie sites in the comments below!

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