Monday, October 13, 2014


Okay, I keep harping on ibotta.  But seriously.  

I found that ibotta has a deal for a $5 rebate on a Birchbox Gift Subscription.

Then I found a code on for 100 bonus points for signing up for a subscription (bbstore100)

So, I logged into Birchbox using the link from ibotta, and bought myself a 3 month subscription ($30)  Then I added They're Real Mascara Mini ($10)

At checkout, I added a mystery sample pack ($10) that I got for free since my order was over $35
And I entered my code for 100 BB points

So,  I paid $40 upfront for the following:

3 months of Birchbox Subscription
1 They're Real Mascara Mini
1 Mystery Sample Bonus
100 extra BB points

Retail Value of Items = $60

Amount Paid after Rebate = $35

Plus, I'll get an additional 50 BB pts per box for my reviews!

I hope that you all enjoy this tip!  Do you have any tips for saving $$ on subscription boxes?