Monday, October 13, 2014

Thoughts on Amora Coffee

In my obsessive hunts for free things to avoid preparing for my comprehensive exams this past summer, I stumbled upon Amora Coffee.

They run a pretty sweet deal!  $1 for a bag of coffee a silver coffee scoop (pictured above) with free shipping!

However, if you fail to cancel in time, or adjust your order, you'll get sent 4 bags of whatever roast you ordered for your first box (cost = $14.95/bag), along with a free coffee canister.  Customer service had mercy on me, closed my account and refunded $25 of the cost of that second box.  I have to give them serious credit for their customer service.  Yes, its based in TN, so turn on your charm, use "sir" and "m'am," and I'm sure they'll treat you just as well.

If I had continued subscribing, I would have gotten a free travel mug, and eventually a very nice coffee maker.  But I didn't, because, well, this isn't about free stuff.  Its really about coffee.

So, the central question!  How is their coffee??  The bags pictured are their medium roast called Elegante.  Its coffee.  No exciting notes of anything.  No complex flavors.  Just good 'ol coffee.  I'd say that if you are a poor grad student, take the bag of coffee for a $1, and then cancel your subscription.  At least its a cheap, decent bag of caffeine for your early mornings or late nights!

If you're interested in this deal head over here: and click on the red box on the right side of the screen entitled FREE OFFER.

If you're interested in really good coffee via subscription, stay tuned for my upcoming review!!