Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Monthly Obsessions (Lips)

As winter approaches, I know one of my first thoughts is how to protect my lips from the cold and the wind.  Chapped lips is one of the fastest ways to put me in a bad mood!

So, a few times a week, I use this fantastic set from Julep.  Their Buff Lip Scrub and Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment are simply fantastic!

This scrub exfoliates with fine sugar crystals and then moisturizes them with shea butter and vitamen B5.  The applicator has soft microbristles that help with exfoliation and distributing the product evenly.   

This treatment has pumpkin seed soil, vitamin E, and botanical waxes hydrate and smooth your lips.  The metal applicator is cool to the touch, which is why I love using this product after the Buff Lip Scrub.

This set makes exfoliating and treating my dry lips quick and easy!  I find it particularly helpful when I want to wear lipsticks and glosses that show off any dry flakes on my lips.

I then finish my look with either some type of lip gloss.  Bare Minerals Moxie and Pixi by Petra Lip Gloss are two of my favorites.  

Marvelous Moxie lip glosses are highly pigmented, lightly minty in flavor, and extremely smooth.  Avocado and Murumuru butters provide  moisturizing while vitamins A, C & E provide antioxidant defense.  I enjoy this line for day or evening looks.  They have a whole range of colors; pictured is Rebel (sample size) and Party Starter (full size).

Birchbox introduced me to this line of lip gloss by Pixi.  Shea butter and vitamin E offer excellent moisturizing for your lips.  The pigments are true to their packaging, and are somewhat buildable.  I love that these are appropriate for easy-going days.  Pictured are Coral Crush (left) and Honey Nectar (right).  My next purchase of lip glosses will be the Breath of Fresh Air set from Birchbox.

At the end of the night, I usually slather on lotion.  I have to take care of lips too, right?  My new favorite is this night balm from C.O. Bigelow called My Favorite Night Balm.

I was hooked on Chapstick Brand Night Lip Treatment for years.  Apparently it is now out of production, and even though I could track some down, it runs upwards of $17/ tube on ebay right now.  That's just astronomical.  C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm is $7.50 on  This night balm is seriously magic!  My lips have never been more supple.  They chap much less easily during the day, even if I forget to regularly apply my day lip balm.  This product is creamy, not sticky, and feels great applied.  Even better, it works!


What are your favorite lip products right now?  How do you winterize your lips?  Have you used any of the products above?  What do you think of them?