Friday, February 20, 2015

My Current Favorite Products for my Wavy Hair! +Tutorial!

I have been embracing my wavy hair for a number of years.  During that time I have tried a number of various products, techniques and hair cuts to enhance my shy waves.

I think I have finally found an easy and effective system that works for me:

I wash & condition my hair; even if I use a co-wash product, such as the one I have from DevaCurl, I'll use a mask just for the added moisturizing benefits.  

I make sure to comb my hair in the shower; once I get out, its a few finger combs with products, and then no touchy!

I personally love a really good turban wrap for hair.  It coaxes my wet hair to form beautiful waves while keeping it from dripping everywhere.  I have to make sure that my hair doesn't get too dry or else products don't work very well.

Here are the products I use:

- Curl Keeper Total Control for Frizzy Hair Original: I love this stuff!  Wow.  Okay, so I gently apply this product to my hair as though it were conditioner.  This is the first thing I apply to my hair once I take the towel wrap off.

Roux Anti-Aging Hair Serum Leave-in Treatment: I like how this product adds volume to my hair at the roots.  It also helps my hair appear brighter and healthier.  I add this second, massaging it  into my scalp and the roots of the hair

- Davines Replumping Hair Filler Superactive: This stuff is seriously my best friend.  I separate hair into two sections: one over each shoulder.  Then I apply 2-3 sprays of product per side.  Finally, I gently tousle my hair to encourage the waves.

- Then I allow my hair to air dry!

- Parlor by Jeff Chastain Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray: I add this after my hair is dry just to rejuvenate the waves, add a little volume, and finish the look!

Care & Maintenance:

- I put my hair into a half-pulled through ponytail bun when I go to bed.  This keeps my waves from flattening out while I sleep.  It also means that my hair is sometimes wavier on day #2!

- I have an empty sample size of the Davines SuperActive bottle that I've filled with water to evenly wet my hair the next morning and reactivate my waves.

- I sometimes use dry shampoo, but with this much product in my hair already, it usually just makes my scalp itch.

- I play around with different styles on days 1 & 2: headbands, pulling half my hair back in a clip, or putting hair in a high, scrunched ponytail are all fun ways of making my hair look last longer!

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