Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy Holiday Memories with Puppy and Hubby!

I'm tired.  As I think about my "Suzanne Saturday" post, I am finding that I don't have the energy for many words.  So, I'm going to share some of my Christmas memories with all of you through pictures.  Enjoy!

Christmas in Evanston, IL - north Chicagoland.  Barley puppy has to wear boots because the salt on the sidewalks burns the pads on his puppy-feet.  He really hated those boots.  But he loved helping to open his own Christmas present boxes that year!  Our tiny Christmas tree found its home in the (nonworking) fireplace with a gorgeous tree skirt my Wanda (stepmom) made me a few years ago!  I loved the way that little tree could light up the room!

Hubby and I traveled to Albany, NY in December 2011.  We had a Christmas celebration in NYC with my Dad and my Wanda.  We had the most fantastic day - went to the Empire State Building, saw the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center, and drank great coffee!  After a long day of sight-seeing in the city, we collapsed while waiting for a table at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square!

Christmas in El Cerrito 2012!  We finally got a "real" size tree!  Hand-me-down Christmas decorations arrived, and we decorated our tiny Bay apartment in style!  We hosted a chocolate and wine party with friends.  We enjoyed a quiet day just the two of us and Barley-puppy that year.

Last Christmas, my mom & "baby" (half-)brother joined us in CA to celebrate!  So, of course, I took them across the Bay for the famous Street Car ride!  It was wonderful having them in our home for the first time for Christmas.  The trip was filled with good food, catching up, and lots of mom & daughter shopping!

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