Friday, February 6, 2015

The Dead Sea is in my Bathtub!

I am a huge fan of bath salts, and baths involving salts.

I first learned of their magical qualities the first summer I was a full time reading teacher.  I had to haul all of my materials for 2-3 classes to various sites all over Atlanta Metro in the dead heat of a southern summer.  After 10 hour days of being on my feet, instructing (read: listening to myself teach), navigating 1 class of 1st & 2nd graders, followed by 4th & 5th graders, and ending the day with grumpy 9th-12th graders, left me exhausted, sore, and headache-y.

That's when my now-husband introduced me to Epsom Salt Baths.  I seriously wondered how it had taken 22 years for someone to introduce me to these magical little crystals.

From then on, I've been hooked on bath salts!

So, when Adovia invited me to use and review their 100% Dead Sea Salts, I was overjoyed!

Product Description:

- Dead Sea Salts have a much higher concentration than Epsom Salt!

- This sea salt is finely ground for faster dissolving

- It arrives in a resealable bag for easy storage

- It is formulated with over 26 essential minerals the body needs for natural soothing and relaxation!
- Provides relief from Psoriasis, Eczema, and Arthritis Symptoms

- Provides relief from aches and pains when used as a bath soak.  Plus, naturally rejuvenates, exfoliates and softens your skin while soothing your body!

- Contains no additives, no added colors, no scents.

How I Use Adovia 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts

I enjoy particularly hot baths.  So, I put 4 generous tablespoons of Bath Salts into a tub of very hot water along with several drops of essential oils.  I soaked while listening to Tina Fey read Bossy Pants for about 30 minutes.

After my long bath, I felt extremely calm and refreshed.  My muscles felt significantly relaxed.  I've noticed for the past few days that my skin feels more moisturized and softer.

I love the resealable bag! The bag is made of rather sturdy plastic.  I do wish that the bath salts had come with suggested amounts to use for baths, foot soaks, etc.  Since I know these bath salts are more concentrated, I think that guidelines would have been helpful.  

I'm definitely impressed with these bath salts!  You can find them on Adovia's website or Amazon for $2.25/lb.

Verdict: Yay!!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by and made possible by Adovia.  Products were provided in exchange for my time in assessing their quality and writing an honest review about them. All product information is gleaned from the manufacturer's product description.  All opinions are my own based on my experiences with the product.  All photos are my own.