Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January's Free Scores and How You Can Get Freebies, Too!

I love scoring freebies, and I want you to know how I do it so that you can get great products for free too!


Through Hip2Save, I have gotten many magazine subscriptions for free!

Skin Care & Beauty Items!


I received free samples of L'Oreal Hair Care, Stetson Claliber, plus a really cool sticker & bracelet about ending fear of not having my phone through!


Keeping my eyes peeled on Facebook, I found free samples for GlamGlow and Philosophy!  I even found a deal for a free rollerball of Harvey Prince fragrance; I only paid S&H!  (I did add the shampoo & conditioner for $1/each, though!)

I am totally stoked, because I scored these two freebies by being accepted into Secrets #clearlybetter challenge!  This is an opportunity extended to bloggers!  Yay!  I got noticed!

Remember those free magazines I mentioned earlier?  Well, some of them stash amazing samples + coupons inside!  Triple score!

Never underestimate the power of the Giveaway, my friends!  These little bad boys both came from giveaways!  One was from a blog that hosted a giveaway by Not Your Mother's.  The other was from Allure's December Giveaway (yes, those prizes can take forever to arrive; I didn't even know I had won anything until this arrived!)


I scored this really cool box of individual packs of honey crystals from Abe's Market Try For $2!

I've snagged my second freebie from Swaagable! Totally excited to get a free Runa Tea!

I hope you've enjoyed this month's free score post!  How do you hunt down deals and freebies?  I'd love to hear from you!