Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beauty Joy Unboxing & Review!

I recently received a recommendation from a fellow subscription box addict on Facebook to try out Beauty Joy.  Well, I couldn't resist after all the wonderful things she had to say about her experience with them, so I had to try them for myself and share my verdict with you!

My Unboxing Thoughts:

The Goodies in my Beauty Joy Box:

Amount Paid: $15.00
Value of Box: $62.75

I'm really impressed with the value in this box!  The lip gloss and necklace are quite wonderful.  I'm swimming in cleansers right now; this one smells wonderful, but it'll probably go in my giveaway drawer.  The hand santizer is always nice, but that one left me a bit underwhelmed.  Overall, though, I'm quite pleased with this box!

Verdict: I'm Happy, so Yay!