Monday, March 16, 2015

My Skin Loves the Sea Air with Oz Naturals!

I've emphasized the importance of incorporating toner into your beauty routine previously.  

In my search for great and affordable toners, I was very excited that Oz Naturals invited me to review their Ocean Mineral Tonic

Product Description:

- Specifically formulated to support a highly effective relationship with serums & moisturizers.

- Dermatologist Grade Skin Treatment: contains a naturally potent blend of glycolic acid, ocean minerals, vitamin C & amino acids.

- You can expect to see results within the first seven days of daily use!

- Anti Aging Toner is 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan and free from alcohol, parabens & sulfates

- Carefully pH balanced, which makes it safe for all skin types!

What I Love about Oz Naturals Ocean Mineral Tonic:

- Noticeable improvement in the performance of tonics & serums I use daily!

- Skin feels refreshed, and extra clean without feeling tight & dry after use!

- Skin feels more moisturized and appears more vibrant after one week of twice daily use.

- Easy spray dispenser invites use as midday skin/ makeup refresher as well as toner.

- I love the value of this product & its price point! 

Oz Naturals' Ocean Mineral Tonic is available on Amazon for $17.49 for 4 fl oz!

Verdict: Yay!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Oz Naturals.  Products were provided in exchange for my time in assessing their quality and writing an honest review about them. All product information is gleaned from the manufacturer's product description.  All opinions are my own based on my experiences with the product.  All photos are my own.